C H A L L E N G E: Salam Watandar is a radio station owned and operated by Afghans. It is focused on community radio and informing people about news, security, problems, and other information. Salam Watandar has a tool called Fix-It; this program allows users to describe problems they see in their communities and report this information by calling the Fix-It number; the producers of Salam Watandar track the problem until it is solved. Problems that the producers are experiencing with the project is that they cannot catch all phone call reports – they have no system to record phone calls. They also do not have the ability to produce any output with their system; they need more support from the government and civil society.

How can Salam Watandar develop a tech tool that will allow them to automate these messages so they can record and store all their users’ reports? And what sortof tool can they use that won’t result in a heavy workload for Salam Watandar?

F I N A L  P R E S E N T A T I O N: Media Group Presentation

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