C H A L L E N G E  The Ministry of Agriculture is concerned about the farmer’s lack of education and farming information in the remote areas of the country. The farmers in village areas are mostly illiterate, they have no access to information on weather, market economy, crop diseases and the nearby farmland locations. The Ministry wants to set up a system where they station focal points in markets who will be assigned to insert information into a system that goes directly to the Ministry. Then the Ministry will be able to upload their information into SIM cards that the telecom companies will support. These SIM cards will be AGRI-SIM; and if the farmer wants communication with the Ministry’s service then they will be given the AGRI-SIM. This SIM will allow them access to the database so the farmers will have an encyclopedia about crops, diseases, and weather – and they will be able to either read or hear it.

F I N A L  P R E S E N T A T I O N:  Agriculture-Dehqan

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